Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SHOUT at Corporate America for refusing to engage in Naked Conversations

Shel Israel (of Naked Conversations fame) says that he is sorry that he shouted at some big companies for their lame blogging efforts. I disagree. I think he should SHOUT at them even more forcefully. Here are my comments that I made on his post:

Actually, I *do* think that you should *SHOUT* at them, because clearly they do not "get it" and will never get it until somebody shakes them up and convinces them that "naked conversations" are supposed to be far less like force-feeding prisoners or lecturing small children and much more like *normal* conversation.

As I've told Robert, not a single one of the vendors who provide me with products and services have a "blog" accessible from their main web page in which they are willing to engage in true, two-way, give-and-take "naked conversations" with customers.

Not a single one of them. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Nil.

This speaks vast volumes for the level of intense disdain that corporate America has for its customers.

Refraining from *SHOUTING* at them is unlikely to have a desirable effect on them.

But, I still don't think the situation is truly hopeless... surely a few of these companies can be con[vinced] to at least *try* to have a "naked conversation" in public with "the little people."

Is anybody from Corporate America reading this comment??

-- Jack Krupansky

Come on Corporate America and at least try to engage in real, meaningful conversations with your customers and those of us who could be your customers if only you started showing that you do care what we think.

-- Jack Krupansky


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