Monday, March 13, 2006

My blogging strategy

Although I really have nominally sworn off blogging for the next few months, I'm also finding that there are occasions when it has a distinct advantage. Not every day, but occasionally I stumble across something that just feels like it ought to be out on my blog feeds.

I'll also use my blogs if I have some sort of announcement to make. For example, if I have a new or updated document posted to one of my web sites, the blog is a way of alerting people to its existence.

I only read maybe a very few blog every day or two, but I'm also finding that blog posts really do occasionally show up on my many Google searches, so I read some blogs that way. In fact, just today a Google search found a blog post from 2004 which I found to be of value.

One thing hasn't changed: since my original blogging hiatus back in August 2005, I have felt no need to resort to using a web feed aggregator (BlogLines, NewsGator, et al). I find that interesting.

So, that's my current "blogging strategy" in a nutshell.

-- Jack Krupansky


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