Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Bug" using IE 7 Beta: some web pages too wide for screen

I've been running the Beta of Microsoft IE 7 for awhile now and noticed something strange today. A couple of web sites which should fit within the wide of the screen suddenly seemed a little wider than my screen (and I have a Toshiba notebook PC with a wide WXGA screen, too). I went back to Firefox and verified that the web sites hadn't changed, and they hadn't. I closed IE and restarted it. No help. I shutdown and rebooted. No help.

I noticed that text was bigger in IE than in Firefox. So, I manually racheted down "Text Size" in IE, but even that didn't fix the width problem.


Then, I noticed that way down in the lower right corner of the IE window there was an indicator that said "110%". Aha! There is a little magnifying glass with a plus sign next to that percentage and a drop-up menu that lets you set a magnification for the display of web pages. It is a cool new feature, better than tweaking just text size, and I have tried it on occasion, but I know that I had reset it back to 100% more than two weeks ago and that the web sites had looked fine yesterday. Who knows. Anyway, I set the magnification back to 100% (for each window/tab I had open) and all is once again fine in the world.

-- Jack Krupansky


At 8:20 PM EDT , Blogger timlin said...

jack -- some 125 months later, this comment just saved my ie7 -- i was about to remove it because i couldn't stand teh too-wide-pages. and ther right wher you said was the litlle magnifier with '110%' next to it. problem solved, ie7 saved.

At 8:22 PM EDT , Blogger timlin said...

well, of course, i meant 15 months later. shudda previewed.


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