Sunday, January 28, 2007

Posting to Microsoft Windows Life Spaces via email

I wasn't aware of it, but a product manager (PM) at Microsoft (where I work as well) pointed out that you can in fact email posts to your blog on Microsoft Windows Live Spaces.

It works similar to Blogger, but also allows you to give three email addresses from which posts are accepted. You have to specify a secret key that gets used for the blog inbox.

I haven't used my Live Spaces blog much since I don't like having all of those "space" features and only want a clean and simple blog without all the decoration, but gradually the Spaces people will evolve Spaces to be more flexible and friendly to those of us who simply want to blog.

I've also heard that you can have multiple blogs on Live Spaces, but I haven't tracked that down yet. I know you can have multiple Live accounts (ala getting multiple Hotmail email addresses), but I simply want to do multiple blogs ala Blogger. Clean and simple. That's my motto. That's what I want. Live Spaces is not quite there yet, but is making incremental progress.

Here is my Live Spaces blog: Jack Krupansky - My blogging outpost on Live Spaces.

-- Jack Krupansky


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