Monday, August 15, 2005

Blogging for money?

I just wanted to correct one misconception that I've noticed in some of the commentary about my decision to leave the blogosphere:  It was not my original intention to "blog for money" or to get rich from blogging.

In fact, when I started blogging back in February, I wasn't even aware that anybody was either making big bucks from blogging or even thinking of making big bucks from blogging, other than the providers of enabling technology and services.  I did suspect that some people might make money from being syndicated, but I didn't have any sense that such an opportunity might be available to me.

Second fact:  I didn't even have Google AdSense ads on my blogs at first.  It wasn't until more than a month after I started blogging that I got the courage to slog through the Blogger post template to put ads in my blogs.  Initiallly it had seemed undesirable to run ads, but I gradually noticed how many people were doing it.

Third fact: There was never a point in time where I even imagined that "blogging for money" was a viable possibility for me.  I certainly read people who talked about it, so it did occur to me that it was possible for some people, but I never saw any evidence that ever suggested or convinced me that I should pursue that route.

My primary motives were to promote my non-blog websites, raise their ranking in search engines, and network to find people who might have some beneficial reason for working with me.


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