Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My loophole: commenting on my own old posts

I originally stated that my self-imposed exile from the blogosphere consisted of no longer posting to my blogs, no longer commenting on the blogs of others, and no longer monitoring blogs or using blog aggregators.  My blogs will remain out there as is, but I won't make any new posts.  I just realize that there is a loophole which would allow or encourage me to participate in the blogosphere in at least a minor way.  First, people will still be able to comment on my blogs, and I will receive email notification of those comments.  I had forgotten about that when I made my original announcement.  Second, I could in fact make comments of my own to comments made by others on my blog since that would not be a comment by me "on the blogs of others."  Even if I do this, it's not a big deal since relatively few people comment on my blogs as it is.  Further, I wouldn't expect people to comment for very long on my older posts as they get even older.

-- Jack Krupansky


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