Friday, May 08, 2009

If Twitter were up...

Hello, Twitter, where are you?? Twitter currently reminds me of a small bird I found yesterday in front of the 45th Street entrance to the MetLife building: lying on the ground, semi-lifeless, twitching, neither dead nor alive. Sad.

Anyway, if Twitter were alive right now (and when it eventually does come back to life), here is what I would be tweeting:

ECRI Weekly Leading Index rises sharply suggesting that an end to the U.S. recession is now in clear sight.

As far as the bird, I crouched down to examine it and a security guard came by and gently picked it up and moved it off to the side so nobody would step on it. He suggested that it flew into the glass.

-- Jack Krupansky


At 10:54 PM EDT , Blogger Alessandro Machi said...

The eCONomy is not going to improve as long as americans have 1 trillion dollars in credit card debt and dwindling personal property wealth.

Perhaps you are not big on blog protests against the credit card companies, but if I am wrong, please check out


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