Monday, April 20, 2009

Google Chrome having trouble loading Bloomberg web site

All of a sudden today I was unable to properly view the Bloomberg web site in Google Chrome, but it would display properly in Microsoft Internet Explorer. I hit reload a few times and closed and restarted the browser, but nothing worked.

Then I remembered that I had seen this problem before and "fixed" it by disabling Chrome's DNS pre-fetching. I had disabled that feature quite some time ago, so I was baffled as to what was wrong now.

Just to be sure, I went into the "Under the Hood" tab of Google Chrome Options and sure enough the DNS pre-fetching feature was once again enabled! I turned it off (again!) and now the Bloomberg web site works fine.

I know that I did not turn that feature back on, so maybe an automated update automatically turned it back on as a "service" to us "dumb" users. Maybe Google thought that they had fixed the problem and forced the feature back on. Maybe. Who knows.

I am running Chrome version on Windows XP SP3.

-- Jack Krupansky


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