Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I wasn't blown away by Joel Comm's Twitter Power book

I was doing my usual Sunday afternoon browsing of the "New Arrivals" table at Barnes & Noble near Lincoln Center here in New York City and spent a few minutes leafing though Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time by Joel Comm "with" Ken Burge. Alas, although I am by no means an expert in Twitter (only 425 "tweet" updates to date), I did not notice anything that I did not already know. Maybe if I read the book carefully I would stumble upon a few tips that would be of value to me, but I don't have the patience to read books that carefully these days.

My attitude is that if page one does not blow me away, then the book is not for me. I also scan the table of contents and skip to at least half a dozen or more random pages to see if anything does leap out at me. After all of that, either the book made an impression or not. For me, Twitter Power did not. I am willing to concede that it may be a great intro for the uninformed, but for a book with "Power" in the title, I expect more, much more.

As far as giving the insight to "dominate your market", I would have to classify myself as a skeptic on that score.

If any readers out that did glean valuable insight from the book, please let me know what I may have missed!

My apologies for not providing a better summary of the book, but by all means browse through it and decide for yourself whether it offers you any advice of value.

Note: I do get a tiny commission from Amazon if you buy a book after clicking on the cover images or link above that redirect to Amazon. Thanks!

-- Jack Krupansky


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