Monday, April 06, 2009

Twitter restored my lost tweets!

I just checked and Twittered appears to have restored my seven tweets that disappeared last night. No clue what happened. I suppose I do need to reconsider my boycott of Twitter, but I am not completely inclined to trust Twitter again with my "work" so soon after a screw-up on this nature and nature on their part. We'll see. Besides, I had decided to invest more of my Twitter-related time in doing higher-quality blogging. At least that does raise the question of what exactly constitutes high-value in Twitter.

Oops... almost forgot (again) to point you to my Twitter "channel": Jack Krupansky on Twitter.

Actually, you can always find my Twitter URL on the right side of this blog where it shows as:

View Jack Krupansky on Twitter

Feel free to "follow" me on Twitter... regardless of whether I decide to re-invest significant time "tweeting" after my boycott.

-- Jack Krupansky


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