Thursday, March 05, 2009

Check out tipjoy for online contributions and payments

This is mostly a note to myself to look further into something called tipjoy, a new web site for online contributions and payments. As the web site says:

simple social payments for great people, causes & content

Their About us page says:

Tipjoy is a simple, social payments service which makes it easy for people to earn money from and give money to great people, causes and content. Our office is in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Tipjoy's Series A funding is lead by Betaworks. We were a part of Y Combinator's Winter 2008 funding cycle.

Have suggestions for us? Please send us feedback or email us directly at

Keep track of our progress on our blog and by following us on

They have some form of integration with Twitter as well as being easy to use from a blog or web site.

Looks interesting. Maybe an alternative to mediocre AdSense.

-- Jack Krupansky


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