Sunday, April 05, 2009

Twitter lost some of my tweets... again!

I made five high-quality tweets with Twitter over the past few hours and now suddenly they are all GONE! Disappeared! Poof! Simply vanished. WTF?! This is simply unacceptable.

In truth, I have been concerned for some time about how to preserve my "investment" in usage of Twitter. This includes tweets whose primary purpose is to capture links with relevant summary descriptions. I need a Twitter front-end client that logs my tweets in a non-Twitter form so that my work is not subject to the vagaries of Twitter's data "management."

Maybe all I need is a non-Twitter "blog" that consists simply of tweets and the front-end client would send new tweets to both the blog and to Twitter itself. The client could also read my Twitter feed and simply re-tweet any lost tweets.

Such a client may already exist.

For the record, this is the third or fourth time I have successfully posted tweets and then refreshed and seen them vanish.

This is so frustrating that I am thinking about boycotting Twitter for awhile to protest the data mis-management.

I would note that Blogger was equally inept, if not more so, even three years ago. Maybe we need to be a bit more patient of (and less dependent on) Twitter while it is still in its "youth." Meanwhile, I'll focus on doing any "real" work in my blogs and Twitter will simply an after-thought until I sense that they are getting their act together.

I will tweet this post and than go off the Twitter "grid" for a week -- that's how frustrating this loss (coupled with prior losses) is!

I will endeavor to blog more about my recent Twitter experiences and thoughts for the future of micro-blogging in this blog.

-- Jack Krupansky


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