Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bug in Google Maps - wrong location for Catherine Slip in NYC

How annoying. You expect Google Maps to be accurate, but then one of the few times where I know exactly what's where, Google has it wrong. I typed in "map 22 James St., New York, NY", the location of a fire in Chinatown. I was curious if it was anywhere near any place I had walked. It turns out it was. It was just two blocks from Catherine Street, which I tend to walk down on my Saturday walks around lower Manhattan. Catherine Street ends at South Street near the East River. Actually, where really happens is that Catherine Street technically ends at Cherry Street and the last two blocks are called Catherine Slip, because in "the old days" there was a slip for sailing ships to dock there. Yahoo Maps in fact has Catherine Slip labeled correctly. Google Maps does not, and instead labels the driveway through an adjacent housing complex as being Catherine Slip. I do not think that driveway has a name. I suppose I should not be surprised that the kids at Google are clueless as to why a street would be called a slip. There are a number of "slip" streets on the East River of Lower Manhattan, and Google does have a bunch of them properly labeled.

-- Jack Krupansky


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