Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Google Chrome bug: old tab whiteout

I tend to keep a lot of tabs open when browsing the Web. Sometimes I may not return to a tab for quite some time, possibly even an hour or more, but with Google Chrome there is a lengthy delay repainting old tabs. This has never been a problem for me using Microsoft Internet Explorer, but with the Google Chrome Browser, clicking on a tab that I have not viewed in a half hour or more results in the tab displaying completely empty, a rectangle of whiteout, for a few seconds, before Chrome finally displays the previous image of that tab. This is not a matter of reloading the Web page, just repainting of the previous contents. In fact, if I go back to an old Google News tab after a long period without viewing that tab, it takes a few seconds to repaint the previous display of news and then quickly loads the refreshed page with updated content.

I have not found any fix or workaround.

-- Jack Krupansky


At 8:49 PM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm having the same problem and found your page, hope someone can give us a hand, otherway, i'm staying with Firefox :/


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