Friday, January 13, 2006

Trying to blog in print

Although I wasn't too keen on the content of the article by BusinessWeek's Stephen Baker entitled "Math Will Rock Your World" (see my post), I was intrigued by his blog post entitled "My secret life: keeping the math cover story out of the blog", which chronicles some of the difficulties he encountered with his editors while attempting to use a blogging-style of presentation in a traditional print magazine. He says he "wanted to write it in a looser more conversational style, like the blog." His editors gave him some simple feedback: "Less me, more clarity." Too bad for all of us.

It's a real shame that he wasn't able to go the blog-style route. It's even a bigger shame that he couldn't blog about the whole process while it was unfolding. I'd also like to see his notes for the process.

In any case, I did enjoy his blog post and hope he goes into more detail. Maybe he'll even come up with a revised strategy for taking another shot of modernizing the magazine's approach to writing style. Hope does spring eternal, so they say.

-- Jack Krupansky


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