Thursday, January 12, 2006

Please DO NOT link to me!

Steve Rubel had a post on his Micro Persuasion blog entitled "Finding a Path to Blog PR Bliss" in which he laments "lately I have been getting a lot of please “link to me” emails". He's my response which I emailed to him (with a subject line of "Please DO NOT link to me!"):

I was amused by your post about "getting a lot of please “link to me” emails". I have trouble imagining the kind of person who would ask for a link.
Do you get many "Please DO NOT link to me" emails (such as this one)?
In fact, I won't even offer you one of my links, although you can easily find me by just Googling my name. I happen to have six blogs right now, but nothing terribly consequential.
The most recognition I've ever gotten in the blogosphere was when I commented that I was giving up blogging. And I have given it up, mostly, sort of. I guess giving up blogging is kind of like a diet and some days you have trouble sticking with the program. It takes too much discipline, more than I have.
-- Jack Krupansky, former blogger

I have yet to hear whether he finds my view to be amusing or not.

-- Jack Krupansky



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