Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jack Krupansky's Theory of Truth

I was just reading a blog post about the James Frey fraud (by VC Brad Feld entitled "James Frey Should Not Be Hung Out To Dry"), and decided to check to see how sales of his book were holding up. His book, A Million Little Pieces, was at #1. Brad's post and the top Amazon rating convinced me that my theory of truth may in fact be true, so I've decided to formalize it (see Truth and Stories):

Jack Krupansky's Theory of Truth: most people would much rather hear a "good" story contrived from half-truths or worse than listen to boring, factual truth.

Incidentally, if you click here and decide to buy Frey's book (A Million Little Pieces), I will actually get a very small commission from Amazon. Thanks. All in the name of "truth", or at least a good story.

BTW, I do think that James Frey should be hung out to dry. Letting him off the hook will only encourage copy-cats. Of course, even by my own theory, there are plenty of people out there who won't mind one bit.

-- Jack Krupansky



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