Monday, January 16, 2006

The Dark Side of Blogging: Are bloggers against hate, or feeding it?

There is an interesting article in Monday's St. Petersburg Times (Florida) by S.I. Rosenbaum entitled "Are bloggers against hate, or feeding it? Blogs dedicated to protecting America against terrorism are troubling the Muslim community." The article talks about Joe Kaufman's Americans Against Hate blog and notes that it is "only one of a constellation of blogs with names like,, and that are dedicated to the surveillance of American Muslims." Mr. Kaufman's blog links to both the St. Pete article and a "response" from a Mr. Robert Spencer on the Jihad Watch blog in a post entitled "A notch above child molester."

I'm certainly not advocating for or against any position in any of those blogs or the St. Pete article itself, but it is instructive to know about what's really going on in this "community" known as the .

-- Jack Krupansky


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