Monday, January 23, 2006

Blogger is unwilling to fix bugs and defects in their service

I've noted that there is a bug in Blogger's handling of long blog post titles on the comment page. Actually, these are not really long titles, but simply not short titles. See my post entitled "Liberation from search dependency is a strategic imperative for both websites and software vendors" for an example. Click on the comments link to see the problem with the title. Anyway, I submitted a bug report to Blogger and after quite some time I get the following blow-off message from them:
Hi there,

Thanks for your note. This is an automated update from Blogger Support.
Due to the tremendous amount of help requests from users, we're currently
unable to offer timely, personal assistance to everyone.

If you are still having trouble with your issue, please search or browse
Blogger Help to find answers to many common questions:

Note that widespread operational problems, if they occur, will be
addressed on our Status page to keep you updated:

Thanks for your understanding and continued patience.

Blogger Support

In other words, since they don't have sufficient support staff, they are unable to fix bugs in their service.

Of course, I am getting what I paid for... free service... no service.

And this is from Google, which is supposed to be one of the most successful  and cash-rich technology companies in the universe.

Go figure.

But, at least I tried.

If any of you readers know of anybody within Google who honestly wants to fix bugs in their service, please point them to this message.

-- Jack Krupansky


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