Thursday, April 07, 2005

ClearContext: Thinking of Starting a Corporate Weblog?

There's an interesting post on the ClearContext corporate blog entitled "Thinking of Starting a Corporate Weblog?" Here's a summary of their results to date:

  • The weblog has been an excellent source to date for finding new customers. We consistently introduce new customers to ClearContext Inbox Manager via our interaction with other bloggers.
  • We have very quickly put the word out on new product developments. Within days of our blog post on our new release, most of our customers had upgraded and tried out our new features.
  • We have clearly communicated project direction and received direct feedback from our users. It was this feedback that defined many of the features implemented in our v1.1 release.
  • We have used the weblog to provide our customers with a variety of information about email productivity. We’ve posted email tips and techniques, email productivity information from around the web, and hosted a comprehensive email usage survey with help from a number of other bloggers.

BTW, I tried to email this post first, but Blogger was not cooperative this morning.

-- Jack Krupansky


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