Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Make you richer? Better sex? Try a little scandal

I ran across one blog that has an eye-catching title graphic with a cartoon bubble with the text "Scoble says blogging will make us richer and improve our sex life...". Here's the graphic, although I can't be sure that it will still be there whenever you view this post:

It actually wasn't easy to get the URL for that graphic since it was embedded down in a .CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file.

Unfortunately, I had to scale down the graphic (by 10%) to prevent Blogger's blog template from pushing the white post background "out of the box" onto the overall blog background.

This graphic illustrates one of the less-promoted techniques for building a loyal blog audience: create a little scandal. Unfortunately, this is a technique for which I have little expertise to offer.

-- Jack Krupansky


At 8:45 PM EST , Anonymous marriage and sex said...

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At 10:22 AM EST , Blogger Daniela Theresa said...

its not about making a scandal or richer. to have a better sex you should have a high libido to increase your sex life.


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