Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chrome annoyance: URL completion requires more typing than in IE

Even in IE where I have fast access to favorites, it is still faster to hit one control key to go to the address box and type in a partial URL to call up the URL from the browser history. For example, when I want to go to fidelity.com in IE, I press Ctrl+O to go to the Open dialog box and then type "fid" and the URL for Fidelity is right there and I simply press Enter. But in Chrome, since it is trying to do more in one address box, I actually have to type "fideli" before the Fidelity URL comes up. If I just type "fid", I see the Wikipedia page for Fidel Castro among other Web pages, which I am positive is not in my recent browsing history and certainly not used more frequently than Fidelity. Granted, now that I have selected the Fidelity URL, it does show in the URL completion list when I type "fid", but it is annoying that I have to "train" Chrome when the information is all there in my browsing history. And, even though Fidelity is now in the list, I have to press one or two down arrow keys to select it before pressing Enter, while in IE I can immediately press Enter after typing "fid". Oddly, I only have to press one down arrow if I used Ctrl+E to go to the address box with the intention of "searching the Web", but I have to press two down arrows if I use the basic Ctrl+L to go to the address box to enter a URL. Weird.

-- Jack Krupansky


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