Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tuning the title and description for my new blog

I was creating an anchor page for my new blog, The Semantic Abyss, on my Software Agent Technology web site and I realized that I wished the blog title actually had the term Semantic Web in it so that searches for "Semantic Web" would be more likely to find it. Also, link anchor text specifying the blog title would also have "Semantic Web" and be more likely to increase the relevance of my blog in Web searches.

So, I tuned the title from "Plumbing the Semantic Abyss" to "The Semantic Abyss - Plumbing the Semantic Web." The new title refers to both the object of my efforts and my own twist on it. Both are relevant in a title. The object is more relevant for access from a search engine. My own twist gives me some sense of a brand and provides a handle that people can use to find me easily from a search engine.

My original description already referred to the Semantic Web: "Exploring the depths of the semantic gap between the Semantic Web and the real world," but I wanted to add some nuances to it: "Exploring and bridging the depths of the semantic gap between the Semantic Web and the real world of real users and real consumers." In particular I wanted to emphasize an interest in trying to do something about the gap as well as simply describing it. I also wanted to emphasize the needs of users and consumers in particular as being my true, ultimate interest.

I also realized after the fact that plumbing is a play on words that is particularly relevant to my task. As a verb it refers to measuring depth, which is my first task. Computer professionals refer to software infrastructure as plumbing, so plumbing here is also a verb alluding to supplying and enhancing the infrastructure of the Semantic Web.

Still no sign of my blog in Google Blog Search!

-- Jack Krupansky


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