Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Claiming my new blog in Technorati

Now that I have posted a couple of times to my new blog, SemanticAbyss.com, I wanted to start monitoring it from the Technorati blog search engine. To do this you need to "claim" your blog in Technorati. You log into your account on Technorati, go to the Blogs tab and click to begin claiming your blog. After entering the URL for your new blog, Technorati gives you an HTML snippet to post on your blog and then you click to have Technorati scan your blog for that snippet to confirm that it is in fact your blog. This is certainly an annoyance, but not terribly painful.

In theory, you can then delete the post used for the claim, but I chose to leave it there as a form of blog birthmark. An alternative would have been to simply insert the snippet in an existing post on the blog and then edit it out after Technorati has finsihed the claim process.

You can also choose to have Technorati directly log into Blogger on your behalf to do the claim, but I find that option too scary. I do not want Technorati having my Blogger account and password, no matter how emphatic their privacy assurances.

-- Jack Krupansky


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