Friday, March 07, 2008

Fatcow is down

Yikes! I can't even receive or send email or visit my web sites that are all hosted by Fatcow. Their service is usually fairly rock solid and I rarely notice any outage, but today they have been down for about three hours.

I can't find a support phone number for them. That may be a tribute to how reliable they usually are.


Maybe I'll have to switch back to using Gmail. :)

-- Jack Krupansky


At 8:13 PM EST , Anonymous Stanistani said...

Their DNS records are unavailable. This is bad.

At 4:30 PM EDT , Anonymous Eric said...

I also can't load Fatcow -- my sites on them, nor their own site.

At 4:46 PM EDT , Anonymous Eric said...

Sorry, I'm going to add another comment. I found a customer service number for FatCow: 1-888-278-9780, but I'm afraid it won't do any good. Cogent (the backbone of FatCow) and Sprint Networks are in a fight and Sprint has cut off access to Cogent hosted sites from their network. Here's a link:,2817,2333750,00.asp

Now, I don't have Sprint, but apparently my internet provider, Charter Communications, relies on the Sprint network for their backbone (as FatCow explained to me), and I suspect other providers do as well, which is why I am blocked from seeing my own website or accessing my own email account. FatCow is currently working on a way around Sprint and Cogent, so that everyone can access their service again.

This is why we need to demand Net Neutrality!


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