Sunday, July 08, 2007

Blogger bug: Displaying too many posts on the main page

In theory, Google's Blogger lets you specify how much of your older blog content is displayed on the main blog web page, but that limit seems to have a problem. I specified 45 days for my I Say - Jack Krupansky blog, which should go back to around the third week of May, but I'm seeing posts from back in November and December. Oops.

Originally I had the setting at 90 days, but today I noticed that the main page displayed all of my posts way back into August 2006. I changed the setting to 45 days and now the oldest posts fell off the main page, but I still see posts back to November 15, 2006.

I hate to say it, but apparently Blogger doesn't now how to count, or more specifically, take the difference between two dates.

I haven't notified Google of this problem yet because they make it so bloody difficult to content them directly. It takes me about twenty minutes to track down the feedback form or email address to use. They hide it well. They have a nice "Blogger Help - Resources" page, but not even a hint of how to provide direct feedback to Google. Their "message" seems to be that they want to discourage people from providing feedback. That sucks, but when you're Google you can get away with that. I thought Google's motto was "Don't be evil." Sigh. I will track down the feedback form or email address eventually, but right now I want to go to a movie.

-- Jack Krupansky


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