Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Blog Break?

I have longs lists of topics I want to blog about and even more ideas in my head and encounter many more as each day passes by, but I'm finding that I have less and less energy to blog at all and start feeling that time spent blogging is taking me too far away from "real" life. I might be getting ready for another "blog break."

I work long hours during the week and have like zero energy to blog in the evenings. So, my blogging is almost exclusively during the weekends. But even now, after I get a few posts done, I simply feel exhausted.

On Tuesday I head to New York City for a week of "vacation." I'll probably take my notebook PC for email and a little web browsing, but I don't anticipate doing much blogging at all even though I'm sure I'll have plenty of fascinating stuff that I could blog about. We'll see. It may depend on whether the Internet access is free in my hotel room. My hotel is near the New York Public Library, so I can probably get free Internet access there if the hotel insists on charging me a "reasonable" fee.

I suspect that a prolonged "blog break" is less important than simply taking a little time out to review your blogging goals and reaffirm why you are blogging in the first place and what you really want to achieve over the coming six months. "Blogging for the sake of blogging" is probably a waste of time.

-- Jack Krupansky


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