Sunday, October 22, 2006

IE 7 installed

Yesterday I did finally get around to installing the formally released version of IE 7. I held off since I only have dial-up at home and I already had the latest beta release candidate (RC) anyway. I was perfectly happy with the RC, so I didn't expect any surprises, either positive or negative.

I went out for errands at noon yesterday and kicked off the download as I headed out the door.

The installation went fine except for a minor glitch. The start-up screen for IE 7 lets you choose some initial options, but clicking "Save Settings" simply jumped me to the top of that page with no clue as to whether the settings were saved and it didn't take me on to my default home page. I simply closed the window and reopened it and everything seemed fine and I saw my default home page (MSN).

To be safe, I uninstalled the IE 7 Beta RC before downloading the release IE 7. This restored IE 6, which now looks rather quaint and primitive.

So, everything went fine. I don't notice any differences from the RC, and I don't have any unresolved issues.

I'm also happy that my bank, Wells Fargo, has finally updated their web site to support IE 7. I noticed this a week ago while I was still using the beta RC. Now, I no longer need to rely on Firefox to browse "older" web sites. I do have a choice of browsers and have used Firefox, but I see no compelling reason to choose Firefox over IE 7. I actually had switched to Firefox last year when I ran into a bad memory leak in IE 6, but I switch to IE 7 last year as soon as the first beta became publiclly available.

BTW, I rarely type in URLs anymore. I usually click in the "search box" and enter keywords and then click on the link in the search results page.

-- Jack Krupansky


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