Saturday, October 21, 2006

Blogger post failed

I emailed a post to Blogger and it kept bouncing back with a subject line of "Blogger post failed" and the following text:

Blogger could not process your message at this time.

Error code: 6.57FCC2

I suspected that maybe Blogger service was temporarily inoperative, so I waited, emailed it again, and got the same bounce-back message. I waited longer, emailed it again, and I still got the same bounce-back message.

I was tempted to conclude that maybe Blogger was down for some reason, but then I emailed another post to another Blogger blog of mine and it posted fine.

So, I looked at my post, decided it looked fine, without anything complicated, but then I noticed that I had an unusually long post title:

ECRI Weekly Leading Index indicator for future growth rises moderately and growth rate improves modestly but remains modestly negative but still near flat line

I don't see anything outrageous about that post title, but I suspected that Blogger might be complaining about the length of the title anyway, so I shortened it to "ECRI Weekly Leading Index indicator improves, suggests stable economy ahead" and it posted fine. Oh well.

So, I guess that is what error code 6.57FCC2 means: Post title is too long.

Now I know. And now you know.

-- Jack Krupansky


At 6:21 AM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

help?? sbj: Blogger post failed Blogger couldnot process your message at this time. Error code: 9.51B46D " there is no title included within my post " any idea what this error code is??

At 11:35 PM EST , Blogger Jack Krupansky said...

A few weeks ago I was getting his error message frequently when emailing posts to my blog. The workaround was simply to email the post again and that usually worked, although sometimes I had to email the post two or three or even four times.

Then, just last week I starting getting the same bounceback message from Blogger and resending simply did not work, but resending from a different POP3 email account did work. I then modified my main POP3 email account to use the SMTP server for my ISP for outbound messages (rather than the SMTP server for my web site) and it worked fine and I haven't see this error message since Saturday morning.

Hope that helps.

-- Jack Krupansky

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