Thursday, March 31, 2005

"There were errors"

That's the message I got publishing my previous post: "There were errors." Clicking on the "Details" link gave me this enlightening message: "001 EOF while reading from control connection".

Next up, Blogger's answer to AOL: "You've got errors!"

-- Jack Krupansky


At 9:36 PM EDT , Blogger steven edward streight said...

Why are we getting this error message suddenly All The Time?

This is annoying. Server overload?

I also get the "operation timed out" message a lot.

That red pixel ink in the error message always spooks me, though I know it was their fault.

But I still love and champion Blogger.

Have you seen the Castro book, Pub a Blog on Blogger? Good basic info for clueless newbies, yet good little details I did not know, like on Audio Blogging. Need a cell phone for this? Not a line phone?

Lots of details are left out, to keep it "simple" and "easy" for the dummies. Too bad, but still a worthwhile book.


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