Sunday, March 27, 2005

Folder confusion in NewsGator

The good news is that I've imported my entire set of feeds to NewsGator via OPML and also via clicking on "+ newsgator" buttons on my blogs, but they end up in different folders. The OPML [is that pronounced oapmeal??] feeds ended up in a folder titled "Subscriptions" but the other blogs ended up in the "My Feeds" folder. Sure, I can go in and move them around, but it's a bit confusing and unclear which origanization is "best".

I clicked on the Subscriptions folder and then selected to move the contents to the "My Feeds" folder, but it gave me a cryptic error message about trying to move the folder itself. I then clicked twice on the Subscriptions folder and that had the effect of selecting all feeds within the folder, but de-selected the folder itself, finally allowing me to move to contents to "My Feeds". I then deleted the Subscriptions folder itself. It all seems to work fine.

-- Jack Krupansky


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