Monday, February 02, 2009

Top Google searches

To be honest, I have no clue as to what users are really interested in these days. So, I went to Google Zeitgeist. I navigated to Insights for Search and requested the top searches of the past 7 days in the U.S. Those top searches were:

  1. lyrics
  2. yahoo
  3. myspace
  4. youtube
  5. facebook
  6. games
  7. weather
  8. news
  9. my
  10. google

How lame. Using Google to search for "google" or to find Yahoo?? Actually, I suspect that list is the initial term of the search, so that "lyrics" is probably followed by the name of a song or singer or band, and "google" is followed by the actual search. And obviously "my" is probably followed by "space".

That Google page also gives the fastest rising searches in the U.S. over that same 7 days:

  1. octuplets
  2. jessica simpson
  3. superbowl
  4. super bowl
  5. superbowl 2009
  6. super bowl 2009
  7. ufc
  8. australian open
  9. weather channel
  10. taken

At least that list is a little more interesting.

Then I went back to the main Zeitgeist page and navigated to Hot Trends which lists the top 100 fastest-rising search queries in the U.S., updated continuously. Here are the top 25:

  1. turbo tax
  3. no stimulus
  4. jay electronica
  5. turbotax 2008
  6. groundhog day 2009 results
  7. maria elena holly
  8. super bowl porn
  9. the institute for human continuity
  10. macy s layoffs
  11. torn mcl
  12. michael phelps bong hit
  13. go daddy commercials
  14. superbowl porn clip
  15. turbo tax freedom edition
  16. martha washington
  17. lattie mcgee
  18. did the groundhog see his shadow
  19. turbotax 2009
  20. macy s press release
  21. video of punxsutawney phil
  22. redbox codes
  23. clint ritchie
  24. turbotax online
  25. watch super bowl commercials

Interesting list.

I am always curious about the stuff that is fairly popular, but not at the top, so here are the last 10 of that Top 100:

  1. career builder commercial
  2. punksatony phil
  3. blackberry outage
  4. national shopping service
  5. groundhog video
  6. erykah badu
  7. punxsutawney pa
  8. phelps photo
  9. phoenix newspaper
  10. enoki mushrooms

Nothing terribly interesting here, but maybe that's a statement about where consumers are at in the U.S. these days.

Actually, what I would really like to see is "new" searches, queries that have never been seen by Google before today.

-- Jack Krupansky


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