Thursday, November 20, 2008

PC Magazine - RIP

Wow... PC Magazine bites the dust. Mind-numbing. Actually, it is about time. I remember how satisfying it was to leaf through the magazine back in... the 1980's, but I actually cannot recall when I last looked at the magazine, and it certainly was not in the past ten years. The companion Web site,, will soldier on and probably do reasonably well, but it is still sad to finally see that flagship "book" go the way of the dodo bird (and BYTE Magazine.)

PC Magazine -- RIP!

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It turns out that Ziff will continue producing PC Magazine Digital Edition, which you can continue to subscribe to, download, and print on your own. But with advertising on a downtrend, what is the point? Sure, some of the articles are worth reading, but it was always the ads that made the magazine interesting. Now, PC manufacturers such as Dell and Toshiba (and Apple) simply dump their ads in my email inbox.

-- Jack Krupansky


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