Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Good luck Senator Lieberman (version 2.0)

Dear Joe,

Sorry you lost the primary, but I'm sure you will be more successful in the general election as an Independent in the Fall.

Maybe we're all better off this way. Maybe it is getting to be the right time to consider a third, "middle" party, consisting of those committed to centrism. The really cool thing is that we don't actually need to form a formal third party at all. Just label yourself an "Independent", vote with whichever party suits your interests and passions at the moment, and then gradually over time there will be enough Independents so that they are in fact a de facto party.

Now we need to talk McCain into switching to Independent.

The motto: If you're not Independent, then you're dependent.

Good luck in the general election, Joe.

BTW, I myself an an Independent, never having voted in a primary election in my entire life. I mailed in my Washington state voter registration today.

-- Jack Krupansky


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