Monday, August 07, 2006

Good luck Senator Lieberman

[I posted this Sunday, but Blogger delayed it fir some unknown reason. I post it now simply for archival purposes.]

As I've written before, I have mixed feelings about U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT), but overall, I think he is the best candidate in his primary race. I wish he would moderate some of his positions and distance himself from the Pro-Bush, Pro-Israel Lobby, but nonetheless, I do support him as a solid centrist liberal.

Furthermore, I would very much like to distance myself from the ugly mob scene that the blogosphere has orchestrated to attack Lieberman in such an unfair manner. If this is the best that bloggers can do, then their best ain't worth... anything at all.

I wish Senator Lierberman good luck in the primary.

And if he loses, he should run an an independent and then "switch" back to Democrat after the election.

-- Jack Krupansky


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