Saturday, February 11, 2006

Z-lister - and proud of it

Are you a ?

I figure I am, as are most of us.

I had not even heard of the term before I saw it in a post by Shel Israel in the Naked Conversations/Red Couch blog in a post entitled "Doc Searls and the Power of the Long Tail".

From what I can gather, a Z-lister is someone (a blogger) who is so far from being an A-lister (e.g., Top 100) that it's not worth discussing how far you'd have to move up to be even a D-lister.

In other words, a Z-lister is somebody who lives way out in the longest part of the long end of the .

In fact, even the Wikipedia has no entry for Z-lister.

Now, the question is how can we exploit our "status" as Z-listers. Besides, of course, forming a


At 11:34 AM EST , Anonymous shel israel said...

The real power of the blogosphere is probably in the ten million bloggers with 10-20 followers each. They are the nucleus of newly forming micro markets and the power of that is yet to be fully understood. But here's a thought: If you start a political blog and you have only three readers, does that make you a Z-Lister? hat if those three readers were the US, Chinese and Russian heads of state?

At 10:18 PM EST , Blogger Richard said...

Jack. I like your idea. I've just tagged my TagMan blog on Technorati with Z-Lister Blogging Network. Enjoy a game of TagMan when you're not blogging or when you stop blogging again for awhile.


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