Monday, February 06, 2006

Obscure Blogger email error for email post containing a graph URL

Just today I emailed a post for my Finance blog to blogger (entitled "Treasury yield curve mostly inverted"), but received a bounceback email message from entitled "Blogger post failed", with the following message text:

Blogger does not accept application/octet-stream files.

Error code: 7.575DEC

I looked at the HTML of the email message and didn't see anything out of the oridinary. I've successfully emailed posts containing URLs that point to charts before.

In any case, I copied the entire email post to the clipboard, fired up Blogger's post editor, pasted in the full post from the clipboard, published it, and that's what you can see if you view the post. So, I'm not sure what was in the email that wasn't okay and that was okay when pasting from the clipboard. Bizarre.

One thing: the chart extends beyond the right margin, but Blogger won't allow me to edit this post without destroying the chart URL that has a bunch of ampersands in it. I want to set the width and height of the chart to scale it down. If I do try to switch into HTML mode in Blogger and then switch back out of HTML mode, without doing any edits, Blogger mangles the chart parameters so that Bllomberg can't read them. Sigh. That is clearly a bug in Blogger's post editor.

-- Jack Krupansky


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