Monday, February 06, 2006

Blogger outages

Blogger has had quite a number of outages recently, both scheduled and unscheduled. Besides the fact that I can't complain too much since the service is free, this level of bad service is flat out unacceptable.

Message to Blogger (Google): Hire some professional, adult supervision to run this operation. The kids you have running this "show" obviously don't know the meaning of the word service.

End of rant, or at least the end of this particular rant.

Oh, but here is the official Blogger Status page. Read it and weep, literally. From Saturday:

As many people will have noticed, we've had significant hardware trouble over the past couple days. We have tried to keep all of you informed about the status of the service and our efforts to correct the problems. Unfortunately, today's problems were widespread enough such that we were unable to provide ongoing updates. One of the things we'll be doing in the short term is to come up with ways to prevent this.

Everybody knows that hardware is unreliable, but adults know that there are technical strategies to cope with failing hardware components, and management strategies for coping with incompetent technical staff. Sigh.

-- Jack Krupansky


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