Monday, January 02, 2006

Note to Blogger: Another bug: post-dated post confirmation email message stuck in outbound email queue

I just successfully made an email post to this blog and even received a timely email confirmation message for the post. No complaints there. Here's the issue: Immediately on the heels of the confirmation post I get a second message which is a confirmation message for a post that I made last Thursday. That means that the Thursday confirmation message was sitting there stuck in Blogger's outbound email queue and only when my new message came along did it get unstuck.

Actually, the bug scenario is a little more complicated. The second confirmation mesage was for a post that I made on Wednesday, with an override date and time stamp of Thursday. The post was displayed immediately on Wednesday, with a date in the future, and I did receive a confirmation email message on Wednesday as well. So, the bug concerns the second confirmation message for the Wednesday post. In truth, I didn't expect the Wednesday post-dated post to get posted until Thursday, so maybe that's a bug (or a "feature") as well. Still, getting a confirmation message for the Thursday post on Monday is not proper behavior.

-- Jack Krupansky


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