Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Podcasts on Learning Italian?

I just read over on Blogspotting that Heather Green is looking for podcasts for learning Italian. At first that seemed like a reasonable request, but then I had to laugh. After all, how can it make any sense to try to learn how to speak Italian like a native if: 1) you can't use your hands or see how you are supposed to use your hands, 2) you are supposed to speak slowly, 3) you are supposed to speak clearly, and 4) you're not supposed to interrupt or talk over others.

Does anybody know of any podcasts for learning sign language?

This reminds me of a joke I heard at a noon-time comedy show in New York City's Bryant Park years ago: New York is a scary place... Just the other day I saw people giving money to a street performer who was playing air guitar... that was scary enough, but the really scary thing was that they were buying his TAPES!


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