Thursday, August 04, 2005

No encouraging words

I'm grateful that so far nobody has offering me encouraging words to keep blogging. I've gotten a couple of suggestions, but so far the only options seem to requiring investing even a higher level of effort.

The only way that I would continue is if somebody can show me how with half the effort I can get twice as much done and have 200x the results. I don't expect such a prospect, but that merely reaffirms my decision that blogging simply isn't worth the effort (for me).

15 days to go.

-- Jack Krupansky


At 3:41 AM EDT , Blogger Darren said...

why wait 15 days Jack? Sounds like its over and you could do better things with your time than these posts which are quite depressing and sounds like you're starting to feel sorry for yourself.

If you've given up on blogging give up and get on with 'the next step or level'.

I'm not having a go at you but I don't get what you're doing the big count down for?

At 10:49 AM EDT , Blogger Jack Krupansky said...

My motive is a desire to lay out the record for my decision so that hopefully somebody else in the future won't inadvertently stumble down the same path.

Two weeks, in particularly these two weeks, won't make a difference for whatever projects I might move on to. In fact the whole month of August is a relative waste, with so many people on vacation or Summer schedules. It was the prospect of wanting to hit the ground running in September that got me thinking about "clearing the decks" so I can invest more effort in projects that might have a better return.

As I've written in my latest posts, I do enjoy blogging, so it actually is a bit difficult to stop. Setting a deadline a little ways in the future gives me time to ease out of the blogging mentality while assuring that I really will do it, as opposed to "Well, maybe I'll stop today."

As far as feeling sorry for myself, I hope that's not how I come across, but I suppose that's a natural human respose to failure. Maybe as I start ramping up some other projects that tone will go away, but mentally I've been trying to avoid thinking too deeply about other projects until I'm sure that I'll have the necessary time to give them the energy that they'll need.

In any case, thanks for the comments.

-- Jack Krupansky


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