Saturday, April 16, 2005

Status of my cloud

As of Saturday morning, my "cloud" had expanded to 188 Google hits, with 80 nominal hits and 572 total hits.  The first number is what I get when I ask Google to search for my name in quotes ("Jack Krupansky") plus the word "blog".  The second number is the last result as I page through the results.  I have no idea why those two numbers are different.  The third number is the count when I click on the Google link labeled "repeat the search with the omitted results included."
So, compared to one week ago, my cloud numbers are 188 (vs. 161), 80 (vs. 72), and 572 (vs. 958).
Please note that many cloud "hits" are temporal and can disappear within a few days or even a single day.  For example, if I post a comment on someone's blog, the comment goes on the permalink post page and possibly on a "Recent Posts" list that may appear on a lot of pages for a short period of time (which happened to me last week).
Even with a lot of work, it's quite possible that my cloud might shrink over the coming week.  But as the weeks go by, I should start accumulating comments on blog permalink pages.
BTW, my last two email posts worked perfectly.  Let's go for 3-for-3.


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