Saturday, April 09, 2005

Expanding your "cloud"

Your "cloud" is the extent of your presence on the internet. That includes works of your own, commentary by others, links from web sites and blogs, comments that you post on the blogs of others, etc. Eventually, your cloud will include some amount of media coverage.

My cloud is presently rather small. A Google search for my name in quotes ("Jack Krupansky") and the word "blog" currently returns only 161 hits. Actually, if I go to the last page of search results (which is really 71-72, not 161) and click on the "repeat the search with the omitted results included" link, it gives me 958 hits. Either way, that's not much of a presence at all. I actually do have a somewhat larger "cloud" if I exclude "blog" from the search, but I'm focused right now on expanding my new cloud, especially since my old cloud is rather stale.

Besides writing new blog posts of my own, I'm spending a fair amount of time reading and posting comments on the blogs of others, especially those that really interest me.

-- Jack Krupansky


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