Saturday, May 28, 2005

Proper terminology: blog vs. weblog vs. web log vs. bloc note

I'm a stickler for seeking out proper terminology, so I probably should be referring to this as a "", but I recognize that the shortened form of "" is popular enough and not inaccurate, so I'll continue using it. Some people still use the intermediate form of "weblog", but I'm not a fan of jamming words together.

I'm actually a fan of the French propensity to come up with there own terms. I note that they seem to be reasonably logical in their choice of terms. They refer to a blog or web log as a "" or "." Sounds good to me. Jeff Clavier pointed out this usage on his "bloc note."

I also thank Jeff for supplying me with the French rendition of "rant" - "", which Babel Fish translates into English as "blow of mouth." Excellent.

I am resisting the use of the term "" when the more proper term "web feed" feels more appropriate since the feed can in fact be in formats other than RSS (e.g., ), and the feed need not originate from a .

Fin de coup de gueule.

-- Jack Krupansky


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